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Angelica Sampson(non-registered)
Your photo's are stunning. You have an eye for photography. I love how you embrace nature, and all the unbelievably beautiful things it has to offer. It gives you so many options and pictures to take. Can't wait to see more!!
Tyler Hahn(non-registered)
So many beautiful images - I really like the landscapes from Kohler, WI - and the shots of mechanical objects from various places.
Love your website. You have a great eye for composition, love the rich colors of HDR. Look forward to seeing more of your work!
Oh my gosh. That look like paintings. How did you accomplish the effect. Best to a special guy and glad we have shared experiences over the years.... Keep up the vision.
Jim Burner(non-registered)
The image you created with my picture was just incredible. You have a wonderful eye and I look forward to seeing more of your prints!
Nichole Marbach(non-registered)
Larry, these are truly awesome photos. You are very talented! Many people are going to be blessed by your photography gift. I look forward to purchasing some prints from you in the future to display in my home and love the one that you did for us awhile back too that is framed and hanging in our foyer :-). Thanks for sharing your website and I look forward to visiting it from time to time to see the new works of art you will be displaying.
Ken Cinzio(non-registered)
The richness of the images on your site is both striking and well done. I have been to some of these locations myself in Chicago and historic Naper Settlement in Naperville, and your photography creatively brings these sites to life. Congratulations Larry and thanks for sharing this with all of us.
John D. Chreno, San Leandro, California(non-registered)
Outstanding images with really complex composition and features...makes me think of our Midwestern roots! Hopefully your inspiration and effort can continue in the future. Thanks, Larry. JDC
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