Welcome to my photography website. Inherently, I am a planner which explains how I came to spend most of my working life in left brain roles such as IT and Project Management and in the process achieved PMP certification, a globally recognized certification for project managers. I demonstrated acumen for those types of roles primarily in the Financial Services industry.

However, underneath I also had a creative side, which emerged briefly in elementary school when I played in the school band. That creativity has reemerged over the past 8 years through photography. Photography has allowed me to leverage my planning and organizational skills while being ever vigilant and open to the unplanned and creative process.

I am a self-taught photographer and Photoshop enthusiast residing in the Chicago suburb of Lisle, Illinois. Photography subjects include aircraft, landscape, waterfalls, lighthouses, and animals. I tend to experiment with angles to arrive at a unique perspective, and then work with color, tone, detail and texture within the scene. My goal is to create a rich representation of how I “see” the scene. I find it immensely rewarding and gratifying to perform all aspects of the process from capture to post processing to final presentation.

I am attracted in particular to the beauty and expanse of the Northwoods of the Upper Midwest and have produced award winning photos of powerful, roaring waterfalls from that region.

For inspiration and to keep current with both photography and post processing techniques, I follow RC Concepcion, Scott Kelby, Corey Barker, Trey Ratcliff, Brian Matiash, Glyn Dewis, Moose Peterson, Matt Kloskowski, Serge Ramelli, Joel Grimes, and others.

Gear & Software: Currently shooting a Canon EOS 6D, Tokina 16-28mm, Tamron 24-70mm and 70-300mm glass. Software includes Lightroom CC 2015, Photoshop CC2017, and plug-ins from Google Nik Collection and Topaz.

Thank you for your visit.